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Frequency and Voltage Modulation System Solution

l Large fluctuations in frequency and voltage in local power grids occur when steel mills, glass factories, and other applications require large bursts of electric power. This usually leads to an unstable power grid which affects the stability of other electrical equipment. In these situations, the addition of an energy storage system to the power grid can satisfy the requirement for quick response to sudden frequency and voltage changes and handle short term load power changes. Since the energy storage system only needs to handle power regulation for short periods of time, super capacitors or other power batteries can be used for short term energy storage.

l Applications: primary power grid frequency and voltage modulation

l Solution features:

Ÿ Instant implementation of primary frequency modulation, secondary frequency modulation can also be implemented;

Ÿ Effectively improves power grid frequency and amplitude stability;

Ÿ Fast dynamic response speed.

l Recommended products: PCS500K-B, PCS1000K-B, etc.

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